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  • What is an Allocation date?
    LMT, as well as other high end manufactures, build products in “allocations” rather than a continual production run for a specific product. The “allocation date” is the estimated production date assigned by the manufacturer + the lead time required to ship the item to V1Tactical. Allocation dates can change (earlier or later) due to manufacturing delays, parts shortages, work stoppages, etc. V1Tactical will issue the “allocation date” received by the manufacturer, but is not responsible for changes to that date if changed by the manufacturer.
  • What is an Allocated item VS Special Order item?
    An Allocated item is an item V1Tactical has already ordered from the manufacturer. When purchasing an allocation, you are purchasing an item with an estimated arrival date to V1Tactical from the manufacturer. A Special Order item is an item NOT currently on order with the manufacturer, and will be ordered from the manufacturer once a customer order is received.
  • How does the Patriot Discount work?
    Create a V1Tactical account, then submit your proof of eligibility located at the bottom of the home page. A V1Tactical team member will review your documentation and approve your special discount request. You will receive a 2% account credit based on the order total (excluding shipping & tax) to be used towards your next online order. The 2% credit does not apply to "Sale" items or items where "V-Tac" credits are already being offered. Please allow up to 7 days for the credit to appear in your account.
  • What is an FFL?
    A "FFL" is a Federal Firearm License. There are currently over 58,000 FFL holders nationwide. FFL holders are commonly gun stores, pawn shops, and retail sporting goods stores. However, there are also many individuals that hold a FFL. All firearms sold to individuals online must be shipped to a local FFL holder who will then transfer the firearm (via ATF form 4473 and associated background check) to the individual.
  • What is the average FFL transfer fee?
    The transfer fee varies nationwide, however the average fee tends to be around $25. Please contact your FFL directly to confirm.
  • What is your policy for returns on accessories and firearms?
    Accessory Returns Returns are ONLY accepted for merchandise found defective immediately upon receipt and returned within 7 calendar days of receipt. Accessory items that have been opened from the manufacturer packaging will not be accepted for return. Returns will NOT be accepted for any accessories that have been installed/mounted. Most accessory items have a manufacturer warranty. Please contact the manufacturer if there are any issues with/post installation. Original shipping charges are NOT refunded if the item is NOT found to be defective. Customers will be responsible for return shipping in these cases. These orders may be subject to a 30% restocking fee. Firearm Returns Please take your time to inspect all firearms thoroughly BEFORE proceeding with the transfer. Once a new firearm is transferred to you, it is considered used, even if unfired. Consequently, we cannot accept returns on firearms once they have been transferred into your possession. Also, we DO NOT reimburse FFL transfer fees on returned items. **Upon discovering a defect AFTER the transfer, the firearm MUST be returned directly to the the manufacturer for replacement or repair (in accordance with manufacturer’s warranty policy).** By sending a defective firearm directly to the manufacturer, you can avoid the unnecessary transfer fees associated with returning the firearm to us through your local FFL dealer. Manufacturer repaired firearms can be returned directly to the customer without additional FFL transfer or associated fees. will provide a prepaid label to ship the firearm to the manufacturer, if a prepaid label is not covered under their warranty.
  • What about local/state laws and restrictions?
    You are responsible for knowing your State & Local firearm regulations prior to placing an order. Any items returned to V1 Tactical by your FFL will incur a 40% restocking fee. You are responsible for the cost of shipping the returned firearm to V1 Tactical.
  • What happens if the ATF bans/reclassifies pistol braces?
    If the ATF bans/reclassifies pistol braces, firearms containing such a devise may be required to be registered as an SBR. If you decide to cancel an order for an AR pistol due to legislative changes, standard cancelation fee's will apply.
  • What's the update on my backlogged order?
    2020/21 has been an unprecendented time for the firearms industry. Many of the manufacturures have ceased providing individual order updates in an effort to focus on catching up on production. As a result, firearms stores like V1 Tactical are limited in the information we can provide to customers about their order. We are dilligently sharing ALL information as soon as we have it which can be reviewed on our blog & news site:
  • When do I pay for an allocated/special order item?
    When purchasing an Allocated/Special order item, your card is charged at the time of the order. The allocation is then assigned to your order, and the item is shipped to you once it arrives!
  • Can I split ship my order?
    We do not normally split ship orders unless an additional shipping fee is paid. Please contact us regarding your order if you have any questions or would like to request a split-ship.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes! Up to 90 days to pay with no interest through Credova! Learn more here.
  • What is "Ship it Now Price"?"
    Some items are ready to ship the same/next business day! You will receive a pop-up window indicating two prices: "Ship It Now" or "Special Order" Special Order items are V1Tactical's LOWEST available price - see FAQ below. Our customers have asks us to stock high demand items, however this requires us to charge slightly more for a "Ship It Now" product to offset the cost of holding this inventory.
  • What are estimated shipping dates?
    Estimated shipping dates for “Special Order” items are estimates given to us by the manufacturer. These dates may change due to circumstances outside of our control. V1Tactical is not responsible for shipping/manufacturing delays for “Special Order” items. Our team will do everything in our power to make sure your item is received on-time!
  • What are V-Tac dollars?
    V-Tac dollars are credits earned via our Discount program (see Patriot Discount) or promotional discounts (MAP V-Tac credits) advertised on our site in green. These credits can be used towards any future purchase.
  • How do I track my order?
    Once your order has shipped, an email with your tracking number is sent to the email address associated with your order.
  • How do I cancel my order?
    Special Order & Allocated Items Orders canceled within 12 hours of order being placed – 5% fee Orders canceled 12-24 hours after order being placed – 10% fee Orders canceled beyond 24 hours of order being placed – 20% fee In-stock Items Orders canceled within 12 hours of order being placed (Not shipped) – 5% fee Orders canceled 12-24 hours of order being placed (Not shipped) – 10% fee Orders canceled beyond 24 hours of order being placed (Not shipped) – 20% fee Shipped orders can NOT be canceled All cancelations requests must be via email to:
  • What is a special order?
    "Special Order" items will be ordered on the next business day from the manufacturer. You will receive an email with an estimated shipping date within 3 business days. Some high demand items may be delayed beyond 90 days. Please call or email for estimated dates prior to ordering if your order is time sensitive. LMT Special Orders: LMT is not currently accepting any "new" special orders for 2021. They have informed us they anticipate accepting "new" special orders in 2021 however they do not know when that will occur. You will receive an estimated shipping date once LMT processes your order. Steyr-Arms: Contact us for an estimated lead time for all Steyr special orders.
  • Can I get an estimated ship date on Special Order items prior to ordering?
    Email us at and we will get you an estimated date.
  • What if I want to change my FFL after my order is placed?
    Email us at with the new FFL contact information.
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